Yeti Coolers On Sale – Are they worth it?

Ever wondered why in the world one cooler, a Yeti for example, can command a price of $400 while a cooler of the same size but different brand may only cost $40? Welcome to Coolers On Sale; a comprehensive review guide for Yeti Coolers On Sale, Pelican Cooler Reviews, Coleman and many other top cooler brands and styles. Although an item like a cooler seems simplistic, believe it or not, there are many features that go into a cooler and therefore affects the pricing of coolers. Before you go spending several hundreds of dollars on what you believe to be a top rated cooler, take some time and read through our reviews to ensure you are making the best decision for your needs.

Top Four Coolers Comparison

Orca CoolersYeti TundraPelican ElitePolar Bear
Orca 58 Quart Cooler
Size: 20 to 140QModels 20 to 125Size: 20-240QSize: 12-48Can
Holds Ice: 8-10 DaysHolds Ice: 5-7 DaysHolds Ice: 7-10+ DaysHolds Ice: 3 Days
Cost: $$$$Cost: $$$$Cost: $$$Cost: $$
Color SchemesWhite, Tan, BlueWhite, TanColor Schemes
Full ReviewFull ReviewFull ReviewFull Review

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Maybe you want an outdoor beverage cooler, a pink cooler, or maybe you are a diehard fisherman like myself and want something to keep your catch cool; whatever your needs, the perfect cooler does exist. If you prefer visual comparisons, jump to our Complete Cooler Comparison Chart to see how all coolers stack up against each other in a dynamic comparison chart. We also discovered quite interesting results in terms of ice retention abilities of these coolers as seen here in our Ice Challenge Post.
Yeti vs Grizzly Coolers

Recently there has been a surge in what I call cooler coolness. If you’re a guy, you know what I am talking about, that jealousy of seeing your fishing or hunting buddy with a brand new Yeti Cooler. If you are a wife, you are likely looking for a justification of spending what seems to you an outrageous price for a cooler. Either way, you are likely on this site looking for the cheapest price on a particular cooler or a review for cooler you may be considering purchasing.


Popular Coolers On Sale

If you are after coolers with speakers, a scooter cooler,  a barrel cooler, or something other than the “traditional cooler” be sure to check our navigation bars as we likely have reviewed those coolers or at least have some sort of information for you. The internet is full of reviews, gurus, and authoritative sites. At Coolers On Sale we have combed through all these sites for you to provide you with a centralized location of all information put together in an easy to read format.

Yeti Cooler Tundra Series – Most Popular Cooler

Yeti Tundra 125 Cooler On Sale If you spend any amount of time on the water, in the woods, or outdoors for that matter, you’re almost certain to see a Yeti cooler strapped down to a boat, back of a jeep or truck, or at the very least perfectly positioned in your favorite sporting goods store. Yeti is the Ferrari of coolers, not only is it functional, it has now evolved into a status symbol. The Tundra Series from Yeti is the most practical, serving multiple purposes, and coming in sizes ranging from Models 35 to 250 Quart. Naturally, the larger the size of the cooler, the higher the price.

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Pelican ProGear – Toughest & Most Versatile CoolerPelican 35Q

So you don’t want to cave to the Yeti name or price, no problem the Pelican ProGear cooler is the cooler for you then. Many of you may already be familiar with Pelican products. Most notably known for their waterproof and extremely durable cases, Pelican has expanded into the cooler line, and they didn’t disappoint. Sticking with the same ruggedness they are known for with their cases, Pelican has brought to life the ProGear Marine Elite. Yes, Marine Elite is in the name but that does not mean this cooler is specifically for marine uses. Its durability makes it suitable for the water and land alike, but because it is the Marine Elite, it does have a few extra features many water goers will appreciate. For example, the pelican comes with extra wide grips for carry with gloves, or when splitting the load between two carriers (two people carrying at the same time). Boasting 7-9 day ice retention ensures your trips to the Ice House will be limited.

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Igloo Yukon – A Time Tested Name In Coolers 

IglooYukonIf you are the type of person who believes in the if its not broke, don’t fix it approach to life, the Igloo Yukon is for you. Igloo is a name synonymous with coolers, and they have steadily improved since their beginning. The Igloo Yukon is a heavier duty version of your traditional Igloo Cooler which you’ve likely seen at a party/function designated as the “drinks cooler.” The Yukon is a step up from those traditional coolers now offering 50-150 Quart and better yet multiple colors!

Pink Cooler, Red Cooler, Iglook Yukon Cooler

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Quick Cooler Buying Tips

There are many factors which go into buying the right cooler for your needs. Are you a beach going weekend warrior looking for coolers with sparkers, or are you the type to hit the back roads for days or weeks at a time looking for a camping cooler? Is it just you on most of your trips or are you providing for a whole family? Maybe you aren’t leaving the house at all and you need a massive patio cooler for entertainment. Regardless, one of the first considerations to make when purchasing a cooler is size. This is a tricky topic because bigger is not always better when it comes to the mobility of a cooler. These are also factors to consider when making the purchase of a new cooler. Now a days with coolers reaching north of $400 you want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Take a moment and consider Size, Ice Retention, and Durability before you take the plunge on a new cooler.




As most of you already know, coolers come in all shapes and sizes. Although most of us believe in the motto that there is never enough room in a cooler, especially if you’re brining home the days catch or more importantly packing a days supply of beer at a concert; this is not always the case. An extra large cooler can be a hassle to load, unload and transport wherever you may be going. Size affects mobility, so if you are one on the go regularly make sure to not go overboard.  Or if you are literally trying to be on the go on your cooler, you’ll want to check out a cooler scooter. As mentioned, size affects mobility and many of the more expensive coolers do not have wheels so if you’re considering a Yeti, Pelican or Engel, you’re almost certain to not have wheels on your cooler.

Ice Retention

For those that are still wondering the difference between a $40 cooler and a $400 cooler, here is your answer; Ice Retention. The upper end coolers such as Yeti and Pelican offer up to 9 day ice retention on some models. This is a stark difference between your run of the mill cooler which may struggle to hold ice for even a few hours. The difference lies in the construction of the cooler and of course the insulation used. Many of these higher end coolers are roto molded. For those like myself who had no idea what roto molded meant, but just thought it sounded cool, there is a huge advantage to a roto molded cooler. Roto molded is just the shortened version of the term rotational molded cooler. The advantage to rotational molded coolers is that they are much stronger than conventional plastic molding. You will also noticed, and pointed out in reviews on this site, on coolers such as the Yeti or Pelican, a very prominent gasket molded into the lid of the cooler. This gasket works much like your refrigerator, creating a tight seal preventing cool air from escaping and warm air intrusion. If you are one to use a cooler often, it doesn’t take that many trips to the store for 20 lbs bags of ice before the costs start to add up and you’d be better off going ahead and buying a quality cooler. Another consideration to make is the possibility of purchasing a 12V cooler. A 12V cooler which is a plug in cooler for a car works a a thermoelectric cooler, requiring no ice at all. Therefore, your ice retention, or coolness retention in this case is as long as the cooler is plugged in.


As mentioned with ice retention, the roto molded coolers are a heck of a lot more durable than a conventional cooler. The walls of these coolers are often times several inches thick. However, a majority of the time the pieces of the cooler which gives out first is the hinge and latching mechanisms. These, after countless open and closes, damaging sun rays, and general harsh treatment crack and fall off. Not only do the upper end coolers use a different latching and hinge system, but the parts are replaceable, thus adding to the longevity of your cooler. Many of your lower end coolers do not have replaceable hinges nor latches, so as soon as one breaks the cooler becomes even more vulnerable to ice melting/warming of inside contents, or worse yet becoming virtually useless. Back to the latching systems as well as the thickness. Many of theses upper end coolers are also certified bear resistant.


For those that camp and are outdoors a lot, a huge consideration is a IGBC certified cooler. An IGBC certified cooler meets the requirements to comply with the public land food storage while you are in bear country. Many campgrounds require food be locked up in cars or special bins. However, many of these upper end coolers meet the requirements to comply with these standards. You can read our reviews of the best cooler for camping which addresses what exactly makes a bear proof cooler.

Not to mention, if these coolers meet the requirements to be bear resistant, it goes to show the toughness of these coolers. In addition to the durability factor that goes along with many of these coolers comes added functionality. A cooler which is built to withstand bear attacks is also built to be stood upon. All the sudden your cooler also doubles as a casting platform for your boat, a campfire chair/step, or maybe even polling platform. Many of these features, especially when talking boat accessories pays for it self plus you are getting the added benefit of a quality cooler.

As you can see, a cooler really is not all that simplistic anymore. There are many factors to be made when purchasing a cooler, especially a cooler of this caliper. Remember to consider your ice retention, size and mobility factors and of course durability. Take your time and read through our reviews to help you decide on where your money will be spent best on your new cooler. As the saying always goes…. ya get what ya pay for….

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